Emerge Network of Churches (ENOC)
The Hebrew meaning of ENOC (an alternate spelling of Enoch) is dedicated. We are a regional, national, and international group of churches dedicated to Jesus, His Kingdom, His people, His biblical principles, and the fulfillment of His eternal purposes.
Our Vision
Our vision is to see the government of God raised up to demonstrate the Kingdom of God with power and authority (Luke 9:1) while strengthening local churches to fulfill their vision.
What does this look like practically? We will come alongside churches and ask one question, “how can we help you fulfill your vision?“. The Emerge Network of Churches (ENOC) will assist you in synthesizing your vision so that actionable steps can be taken ultimately allowing the readers of the vision (church members) to all run in the same direction. (Hab 2:2). This is accomplished through the establishment, empowerment, and functioning of apostolic (five-fold) and ministry teams.
There are Kingdom keys that Jesus has given to His children to unlock eminent spiritual domains over geographic localities (regionally, nationally, and internationally). Eminent domain (by definition) is the right of a government to use its authority to take land or property for the good of its citizens. There are many spiritual domains or regions where principalities and powers are presiding unlawfully hindering the fulfillment of many prophetic words and promises of God. The unlocking of these eminent spiritual domains by the establishment of God’s government in regions will further release a new dimension of heaven’s authority, heaven’s glory, heaven’s resources, and heaven’s will for the benefit of heaven’s citizens here on Earth (Phil 3:20). ENOC is one of many other apostolic streams that has been tapped by our King Jesus to see this come to fruition. 
Our Mission 
Our mission is to encourage, equip, strengthen, and empower local pastors, ministry teams, and churches to not just do the work but finish the work the Father has given them (John 4:34). Doing the will of God is wonderful, however, doing the will of God without finishing it in mind leads to frustration, confusion, and disillusion. There is an anointing to do and an anointing to finish. There is an appointed Kairos season to do and an appointed Kairos season to finish. 
Our Mandate
Our mandate is to build organic (not organizational) relationships based on love and loyalty. We will love even when loyalty is tested and we will be loyal even when love is tested. Jesus taught this principle before His crucifixion and graciously modeled it after His resurrection in the way He handles Peter’s denial of Him. Many churches, pastors, leaders, and ministers are connected organizationally but lack consistent organic relationships within their respective denominational constructs, and as such, find themselves battling the feeling of isolation, inadequacy, and the perception of being on an island while still forging ahead with the will of God. This can sometime lead to burnouts or not experiencing the joy of ministry.
Because our DNA is relationships that transcend denominations, countries, nationalities, and localities, churches do not need to leave their existing denominations or networks to be a part of ENOC. In fact, many who are relating to ENOC (including its leadership) are significantly involved in other networks. The heart of the Father is to see the intersection, integration, and cross-pollination of many apostolic streams ultimately reflecting the multifaceted nature of the body of Christ rather than competition among churches or networks.
Our Levels of Relationships
Local churches can relate to ENOC one of two ways:
1) By Invitational Fellowship where we are invited to collaborate with and facilitate various endeavors whether spiritual or practical.
2) By Direct Apostolic Oversight where we are asked to give spiritual covering, and as the need arises: assist with navigating transitions (staff, leadership, spiritual, location etc.), conduct leadership training, facilitate church growth, raise up and install the governmental team (Pastors and Elders), fund raising, ultimately equipping the saints while building according to New Testament pattern as evidenced in scripture. 
Irrespective of the way churches relate to us, ENOC understands, recognizes, and respects the local autonomy of churches, and as such, will continue to play a supporting role and not a superior or domineering role as we help you fulfill your vision while demonstrating His Kingdom on the earth with power and authority.
If you have questions or need more information please send an email to hisENOC@gmail or contact our offices.