Our Core Values

We Value Dynamic Corporate Worship Experience:
We are committed to preparing a habitation for the presence of God.  We do not come to any service that we are not in full expectation to encounter a real and living God through honoring and glorifying Him in worship. 
We Value People and Relationships:
We are committed to doing everything we can to create avenues for every person to be connected organically to each other and to their assignment in the Kingdom of God.  We make every effort to provide each person with an environment in which their gifts and talents can flourish and grow.
We Value Servanthood:
We believe it is important to serve one another and our community as this is our responsibility as Christians.  We have many areas within the church to serve as well as many outreach community events you can get involved in.
We Value Missions:
We believe we have a mandate to be missionaries to our local communities, our nation, and the rest of the world.
We Value Stewardship:
We believe that we steward all that God has given us.  With Godly judgment, we dedicate our lives to steward our time and resources to make every opportunity available to develop others and see the Kingdom of God advanced..
We Value Teams:
We believe that Together Each Accomplishes More. This is modeled in our leadership and every area and expression of ministry so that the dynamism of God’s creativity and diversity can be fully expressed ultimately glorifying Him.